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From the depth of
the Arctic Norwegian winter...


The Project

Individually selected, carefully hand processed, naturally dried. Bottarga Boreale is an exclusive product made from roes of skrei – the lean winter cod.

Roes are hand-picked fresh from the fishing boats, lightly salted, and dried outside. The cool arctic winter allows the bottarga to slowly mature over a period of 15 weeks, developing flavour and complexity.

Bottarga Boreale has an exquisite taste of the sea, packed with richness and umami. It goes perfectly with pasta and butter, on an omelette or in mayonnaise.

Bon appetite!



BOTTARGA is salted and dried fish roe. Traditional bottarga is made from fatty fish such as grey mullet or tuna, while Bottarga Boreale is made from skrei – the seasonal cod migrating from the Barents Sea to the spawning grounds in the Lofoten archipelago. This makes Bottarga Boreale a new and unique product.

Bottarga comes from the Mediterranean region, where it has been enjoyed for more than 3000 years. It is used as a snack, on pasta, as a topping or as a flavour enhancer in sauces.

SKREI has a much lower fat content than the fish used in the Mediterranean. This gives Bottarga Boreale a fresh and light taste, which only gets better in storage.


Bottarga Boreale is produced in the skrei season, from January to April. Roes are hand-picked straight from the fishing boats and immediately cleaned and salted, for absolute freshness. After curing, the roes are put out to dry on traditional Norwegian drying racks, the hjell.

The roes are allowed to dry slowly in the cool and fresh arctic winter, maturing and building richness and complexity. The bottarga is harvested in May, vacuum packed and placed in cold storage, where it continues to mature.