shhh… GONE

From the depth of
the Arctic Norwegian winter...


The Project

Bottarga Borealis was born from the idea of giving new value to and rediscovering the materials

Bottarga Borealis was born from the idea of rediscovering and giving new value to the materials and ingredients given to us from the land we inhabit and that too often are not fully explored. The goal was to create a high-quality delicacy starting from what is traditionally considered to be a by-product: skrei roe.




Skrei is a seasonal cod variety, available only from January to April off the Norwegian coastline. These fish migrate all the way from the Barents Sea to the southern part of Arctic Norway to spawn.

Skrei roe has a fat content of 2.6% (mullet has about 25%) and a delicate flavour that gives it a unique elegance. The low fat content makes Bottarga Borealis versatile and easy to pair with other fats. Its lightness of flavour makes it appealing to those who find the flavour of tuna or grey mullet bottarga too overpowering. Some would say it’s a “feminine” bottarga as it’s light, elegant, and delicate, yet simultaneously strong and intense.