Whole bottarga, sold either as a whole roe sack or as a pre-cut piece.

Bottarga Boreale can be sliced or grated and has an excellent shelf life. Try it on pasta with lots of butter!

BOTTARGA Polverale

Conveniently pre-grated bottarga! Sold in a nice box for the consumer market, or in larger vacuumed bags for the HORECA market.

Skrei perle

A caviar substitute made from Bottarga Boreale. In taste and texture, it is similar to vendace roe, a highly valued Swedish delicacy.

Try it on toast with plenty of butter, topped with Skreiperle and chives. And a glass of Champagne!

Stockfish Skins

Top quality stockfish skins from Lofoten. Deep fried or baked in the oven will give a super crunchy texture! Sold in bundles of 10 skins.


Røykrogn is a lightly smoked bottarga. It has a mild smoky flavour and a softer texture. Covered in bees- or food wax,

it lends itself beautifully to a variety of dishes.